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Vervaet Hydro Trike range

Hydro Trike chassis range

The Hydro Trike is a truly multipurpose machine and can be fitted with a variety of bodies. The basic chassis is available in two main models – the standard three-wheel Hydro Trike and the higher-capacity five-wheel Hydro Trike XL version with an additional axle.

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Hydro Trike US manure spreader

The Panien manure spreader body is built specifically for the Hydro Trike XL to Vervaet’s own requirements to create an extremely accurate, high-capacity self-propelled spreader with low ground pressure characteristics for minimal soil compaction.

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Panien PW lime spreader

The PW lime spreader body is produced to Vervaet’s specifications by Panien specifically for mounting on the multifunctional Hydro Trike tool carrier range. Two models are available, with 15m³ or 17m³ capacities. A full-width spreading auger is used.

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Vervaet slurry tank and injectors

Back in 1990 the first Hydro Trike was originally built as a self-propelled slurry spreader, and although now a truly multipurpose machine it still excels at slurry application. Tanks are available with capacities ranging from 14,000 to 19,000 litres.

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Panien beet chaser

With its low ground pressure capabilities the five-wheel Hydro Trike XL is the ideal base machine for a self-propelled chaser required to work in arduous conditions. The chaser body is built by Panien specifically for the Hydro Trike and has a capacity of 25-tonnes.

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Used machines

Used Hydro Trikes are regularly available and can be supplied in 'off-farm' condition or fully refurbished with a guarantee on major components. Please take a look at our current used stock, or enquire to find the right machine to suit your requirements.

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