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Successful public debut for rollerbed and Vervaet Connect

February 2022

Vervaet importers J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd held an extremely successful of sugar beet harvester working demonstration on 27 January by kind permission of H Jones (Farms) Ltd. The event was the first time Vervaet's new optional rollerbed primary cleaning system had been publicly shown in the UK, as well as the launch of the new Vervaet Connect telematics system.

Two roller-bed equipped Vervaet Beet Eater 625 Evo harvesters were bought by British contractors for use this season. Although not intended as a replacement for the market-leading turbine-only layout, the new primary cleaning system option has been performing extremely well and significant interest was shown at the demonstration by interested parties.

"We were delighted with the turnout, with over 500 visitors attending the demo," says Jeremy Riley, managing director of J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd. "We were pleased to be able to show new technology, such as the telematics system which will provide the contractor and customer with more information about both the machine and the crop to aid efficiency and reduce running costs. The rollerbed option has also been extremely well received, and is generating considerable interest. But it’s not just the machine which has to be the right fit for the customer, but the people too – backup is extremely important and we are extremely pleased to have so many second and third generation customers which we continue to look after. We would like to thank everyone who visited or was involved with the demo, and our host farmer Edward Jones for the excellent location."

J Riley working demo to be held on 27 January 2022

November 2021

J Riley’s extremely popular biennial working demonstration will return in late-January 2022. An unmissable-fixture for everyone with an involvement in sugar beet harvesting and the wider industry, the event is widely regarded as the best place to see the latest advances and developments in harvesting technology from the UK market leaders, as well as being an enjoyable day out.

The event will showcase Vervaet’s new rollerbed primary cleaning system which can be specified in place of the existing highly-regarded turbine-only layout on the high-output six-wheel Beet Eater 625 Evo. Announced last spring, the first production rollerbed-equipped machines went to work for the 2021/2 sugar beet campaign with two machines sold in the UK, both of which have been working extremely well. This will be the first time the rollerbed is shown at a public working event.

Intended to offer another option for potential customers already operating a rollerbed-type machine in suitable soil types, its addition makes Vervaet the only harvester manufacturer to offer their customers the option of both primary cleaning methods. Additionally, the Vervaet system discharges onto a central cleaning turbine rather than a trace, eliminating a potential problem area. The central turbine is a well-proven method already in use on over 160 Vervaet harvesters currently operating in the UK.

The compact and extremely manoeuvrable four-wheel Q-616 remains the most popular harvester in the Vervaet range. The model continues to be enhanced with minor updates annually, in line with Vervaet’s policy of continual improvement, and a 2021 machine will also be in action.

Refreshments will be provided including the famous hog roast by North-Norfolk butchers H.V. Graves which is always highly appreciated by visitors. The location will be Little Witchingham in central Norfolk by kind permission of H Jones (Farms) Ltd. The post code is NR9 5NY, and signs will be in place on the day (Thursday 27 January 2022).
UK demo tour debut for NEW Vervaet Quad

September 2021

The amazing new Vervaet Machinery Quad 550 went to work for in the UK the first time, kicking off the J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd demo tour. For more information or to arrange a demo of your own please contact Matt Carse on 07825631377.

NEW Vervaet Quad 550 demonstration tour planned

July 2021

The impressive new Vervaet Quad 550 self-propelled slurry applicator has been undergoing very successful field trials on the continent and is due to arrive on British shores this summer. J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd, exclusive UK importers of Vervaet products for over 25 years, is planning a comprehensive demonstration tour to take place after harvest.

First unveiled in February, the new Quad is packed full of new developments and expands Vervaet’s range of professional manure application technology, slotting into place between the three-wheel Hydro Trike and five-wheel Hydro Trike XL. Boasting 550hp from a 13-litre Volvo Penta engine, its innovative hydro-mechanical transmission with diff-locks delivers all of this power to the ground. Its crab steer ability allows for one-wheel-per-track working to minimise soil impact.

“They ticked as many boxes as you can with a self-propelled slurry machine when designing the Quad,” says Riley sales manager Matt Carse. “It encompasses the best design features available on the market. For example, the suction arm is in the right position to allow various booms to fold down the side for transport. It has more options available too, including tyre choice and pumps. A European wide demo tour is commencing soon, and we expect to see it in the UK in late August. I’m looking forward to bringing the Quad to as many potential customers and users as we can this summer and autumn.”

The Quad’s slurry system incorporates a 21m³ tank and phenomenal pump capacity of up to 13,500l/min. An 8000kg capacity rear-linkage can carry a vast array of application implements. A solid manure spreading body for the Quad is planned for the near future, further expanding its industry-leading capabilities.

“During field tests we have been very impressed with the machine’s traction, power and quiet running,” says Jonathan Hoekman, sales manager at Vervaet in Holland. “The British market was a very important factor behind the development of the machine, specifically the need to work in tramlines through growing crops. We see a bright future for this market, especially with our continuing advances in precision application technology such as real-time nutrient analysis of the slurry. In fact, we are the only manufacturer of self-propelled machines with the John Deere NIR sensor integrated into our own software. With this combination of the right machine and first-class backup from our UK importers, J Riley, we think we have the best package around.”

For more information or to arrange a demonstration Matt Carse can be contacted on 07825 631377.
Special offers for April

March 2021

Please click above to download a flyer about our special offer for April.
Spend £6250 on parts during April and receive an extra 5% discount.
Now another option: The new Vervaet Rollerbed

March 2021

J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd, UK importers of the Vervaet sugar beet harvester range, have announced a new primary cleaning system utilising a rollerbed which will be offered as an option in place of the existing highly regarded turbine based system. Although not intended as a replacement for the extraordinarily successful turbine-only configuration, the introduction of the Vervaet rollerbed is intended to offer another option for potential customers already operating a rollerbed-type machine in suitable soil types and conditions. This addition makes Vervaet the only harvester manufacturer to offer their customers the option of both methods of primary cleaning.

Lifting is still carried out by Vervaet’s industry leading rotating walking shares, which are well-known to excel in the toughest of conditions. Row width is hydraulically adjustable from 45cm to 50cm in the usual way. The shares are arranged in a straight line so that they present the lifted beet evenly to the rollerbed which is used in place of the two front turbines and consists of seven full-width 100mm diameter rollers. To maximise its cleaning path the first two spiral rollers take the beet outwards whilst all subsequent rollers gather the crop to the centre for onward transport towards the rear of the machine. This configuration can be altered by substituting rollers if required. Shorter rollers either side of the throat form a backstop, helping to bring the beet to the centre.

Roller speed can be varied from the cab to cater for differing conditions and soil types, with the first six grouped together and the seventh roller operated independently. If additional cleaning is required the seventh roller can also be operated in reverse so that it counter-rotates against the preceding roller for a more thorough action.

But it is what comes next which really sets the new Vervaet machine apart from the competition. All other rollerbed-type harvesters use a trace to transport the crop between the front wheels, but the Vervaet rollerbed discharges the beet onto a central cleaning turbine, eliminating a potential problem area and continuing the positive cleaning action. This central turbine is a well proven method already in use on over 160 Vervaet turbine-only harvesters currently at work in the UK.

The rollerbed is currently suitable for the flagship six-wheel Vervaet Beet Eater 625, but it is anticipated that it will also be available for the popular four-wheel Q-Series in the near future. Even with a rollerbed in place of its first two turbines, due to its unique layout the 625 still retains six turbines – more than any other machine on the market making for industry leading cleaning capacity. This is of ever higher importance as contractors continue to battle unrelenting weather and arduous conditions during ever more drawn-out sugar beet campaigns.

 “We believe there is definitely a market for a rollerbed,” says Jeremy Riley, managing director of J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd. “We were being asked by people running competitor’s machines when Vervaet will make a rollerbed, so they’ve produced it to fulfil that obligation. They have managed to eliminate the less successful points of other rollerbed designs, namely the transport belt between the wheels, and we think it is an improvement on existing rollerbeds from other manufacturers. However it isn’t a replacement for the turbine configuration, because modern turbines will ultimately provide the most cleaning and we still believe that a turbine machine is the best all-rounder – we’re definitely not forgetting our heritage.”

His views are echoed by the company’s sales manager, Matt Carse, who has extensive previous experience with a competitor’s rollerbed-type harvesters.

“On certain soil types the rollerbed can allow for a faster forward speed,” explains Matt. “On the right soils they can offer good cleaning, and are generally regarded as being gentle on the beet. The web between the front wheels is always a weak point, especially in stony conditions, so what Vervaet have done using a turbine instead is excellent, it is a big plus point. Its open construction also sets it apart, and it still retains the signature Vervaet simplicity of design, giving all of the necessary features without unnecessary complications. During testing it has been running in some very challenging wet conditions at 8kph+ and doing a good job, I’m very pleased and it’s producing a satisfying sample for the grower.

“The rollerbed widens our portfolio and complements what we are already offering,” he continues. “There are guys who currently have a rollerbed and want to stay with one, and vice versa with turbines, so we now really can offer an ideal solution to everyone. In the long term I think this new option will have the knock-on effect of further widening the appeal of a reconditioned Vervaet harvester as well.”

Finance agreements for overhauls

February 2021

Don’t want to change to a new machine? Rileys have the answer: a bespoke appraisal of your existing Vervaet harvester followed by a professional overhaul plus another year’s guarantee, all carried out under a finance agreement if required, allowing you to begin the 2021/22 campaign with full peace of mind. For more info please give Matt Carse a ring on 07825 631377.

The Vervaet Beet Eater chaser

February 2021

Rileys have the answer for arduous harvesting conditions - the Vervaet Machinery Beet Eater chaser. The impressive self-propelled chaser helps to minimise soil damage and maintain output in the toughest situations whilst also keeping mud off of the road. For more info please give Matt Carse a ring on 07825 631377.

Introducing the NEW VERVAET QUAD 550

February 2021

Vervaet has set the standard in slurry injection since as early as 1990, and today it leads the European market for professional self-propelled application machinery. To maintain and expand this market leadership we offer high-quality solutions and concepts which are innovative, easy to operate and service with low maintenance costs and a high residual value. Quality has a name after all - Vervaet!

The new Quad completes Vervaet’srange of professional manure application technology, fitting in alongside the three-wheel Vervaet Trike and five-wheel Vervaet Trike XL. Its 13 litre 550hp 6-cylinder Volvo Penta engine boasts a phenomenal 2650 Nm of torque at a stunningly low engine speed of just 1200rpm. Naturally with such a slow-running engine excellent fuel economy also comes as standard. Worldwide engine homologation backed up by a first rate global service and maintenance network are additional benefits.

The new Vervaet made hydro-mechanical transmission combines the best of both technologies, utilising hydraulic motors to provide infinitely variable speed control to mechanical axles which deal with the high torque loadings associated with the demanding nature of high-output work. With this clever driveline concept the Vervaet Quad offers higher torque than any other self-propelled machine on the market in the crucial 5 to 15 km/h speed range. The Quad’s impressive traction and sheer pulling power is particularly valued whilst injecting slurry with rear-mounted cultivation tools. Diff-locks on each axle and a centre diff-lock are standard because getting stuck in muddy conditions just isn’t part of the plan.

You’ll find more familiar Vervaet in the proven slurry system featuring a choice of Vogelsang and Börger 9,000 l/min pumps, or the SuperLoad system with 10” piping and a 12,000 l/min or 13,500 l/min pump. These pump the slurry through the tried and tested Vervaet cyclone macerator or, as an option, a Vogelsang macerator fitted before the pump.

In addition to handling slurry, the Quad’s extremely versatile design gives it a truly multipurpose nature. The basic carrier vehicle can also be equipped with a solid manure spreading body, creating a first class self-propelled spreader with excellent tractive abilities which offers high capacity but a light footprint on the land. It is also anticipated that other options could also become available to equip the Quad for specialist applications including as a beet chaser.

The new Quad’s clever engineering stands out and makes it the lightest and strongest self-propelled machine in its class. It boasts an ultra tight turning circle and can also be used in ‘crab steer’ mode so that each of its massive tyres runs in a different path, spreading its weight over the widest possible area to avoid soil-damage and compaction. The vast choice of tyres available for the Quad includes 900/60 R38, 900/60 R42, 1050/50 R32, 1000/55 R32, 1250/50 R32, the newest Mitas 1000/65 R32 as well as dual row crop tyres. When fitted with nearly all tyre sizes the Quad doesn’t exceed a 3m maximum transport width.

For more information please contact Matt Carse on 07825631377.

J Riley Beet Harvesters 2021 Vervaet Q-616 demo tour

January 2021

The socially distanced 2021 demo tour is underway. The Vervaet Q-616 was recently working in some ‘challenging conditions’ in Suffolk whilst commencing our 2021 demonstrations, highlighting the machine’s great output, light footprint and unrivalled manoeuvrability. For more information on our demonstration machines please contact Matt Carse on 07825631377

Matt Carse joins J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd

November 2020

J Riley Beet Harvesters UK Ltd, the UK’s premier sugar beet harvesting specialist, is delighted to appoint Matt Carse to take over nationwide sales of the market-leading Vervaet product range, which also includes the Hydro-Trike self-propelled chassis line-up. Matt comes to Rileys from a competitor and brings with him considerable experience of the industry.

“I’ve been involved with sugar beet machinery for 11 years,” explains Matt. “I had been selling harvesters for another company since 2012, and more recently I also undertook after sales management, overseeing the parts and service departments. Naturally I’m passionate about the beet industry, and I’ve always known that Rileys have a very good reputation, both for the product as well as their after sales service. In fact, I think the reputation of their backup and the overhauled machines they also offer is so high that it’s actually recognised by almost every harvester owner, even if they don’t own a Vervaet. So it’s very exciting to jump into a very well established business and hopefully carry on the good success they’ve already had. I’m a firm believer in building up personal relationships with customers and doing business in the field, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it and meeting those that I don’t already know.”.

“Of course we knew of Matt already as a competitor,” adds managing director Jeremy Riley. “So we were already aware of the way he operates, and liked it. I strongly believe that life is all about people, so having the right team has always been of the utmost importance. We believe that Matt is someone who shares our ethos and values, and will consequently fit very well into the company, bringing some new ideas to mix with our own, continuing our drive forward and into the future.”
Market-leading Vervaet Q-Series pushes forward

April 2020

The market-leading Vervaet Q-Series sugar beet harvester range was first launched over three years ago. Since then the Q-616 has established itself as the worthy successor of the legendary Beet Eater 617, although the latter still remains the UK’s most prolific sugar beet harvester and is itself an extremely highly regarded and capable machine.

As usual Vervaet’s ongoing policy of continuing development has resulted in some updates to the specification of new machines for the 2020/21 season. These include a new touch-screen inside the cab, for control and monitoring of functions, a new traction control system, an improved levelling system for working on hillsides, and a new automatic tank filling system using ultrasonic sensors.

“As the replacement for the 617 the Q-Series had big shoes to fill,” notes Jeremy Riley, managing director of sole UK-importers J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd. “But over the last three years it’s constantly proven itself as a market leader. Despite contractors in some areas having only just finished lifting after an extremely arduous campaign we’ve had a very good response from our customers, with eight new Q-Series machines ordered so far for the 2020/21 campaign. The six-wheel 625 also maintains its reputation for the highest outputs in the toughest conditions.”

As well as a first class product, customers continue to appreciate Riley’s industry-leading backup. The extensive seasonal overhaul programme is already well underway, and the company reports no issues whilst continuing to comply with the government’s latest Covid-19 advice. Parts availability has not been affected with everything in-stock as usual.

“We have some of the best people in the industry,” comments Jeremy. “Between them they have an amazing amount of experience, and they’re all experts in their field. This industry is all about people, and they come together almost like a giant family, each doing their bit. We’re very proud of our history and longevity, and also of the valued relationships we enjoy with our customers, many of which have been built up over a considerable length of time.”

In the Netherlands Vervaet’s state of the art production facility is still operating at full capacity, which a batch of new Q-Series machines currently partway through completion. Included amongst these are new machines which have already been sold to UK contractors and growers for the 2020/21 sugar beet campaign.
Apprentice of the Year winners

April 2020

Everyone at J Riley Beet Harvesters is extremely proud to congratulate our service engineer James Galley on winning the Engineering Apprentice of the Year award from Easton College for the second year running (2018 and 2019).

This is the third consecutive year that a Riley team member has won the award, with service engineer Stephen Hastings taking the prize in 2017. James was presented with his award last month at City College Norwich’s excellent annual Apprenticeship Awards evening, and Stephen is also pictured receiving his at the 2017 awards event.

These well-deserved accolades further underline Riley’s commitment to the future and a shared determination to continue to maintain the highest level of service for our customers.

The new Vervaet Beet Eater chaser

February 2020

J Riley Beet Harvesters recently supplied the country’s first two self-propelled Vervaet Beet Eater chasers to UK contractors. With conditions particularly tricky during this season’s sugar beet campaign the chasers have already proven themselves invaluable. The Beet Eater chaser is based on a reconditioned Vervaet Beet Eater 625 or 925 harvester which provides the ideal base machine and has the added benefit of keeping the cost at a sensible level. The engine and drive train are retained, and given a thorough service with parts replaced as necessary. The 16-litre Deutz V8 engine produces 600hp and drives through a Sauer/Danfoss hydrostatic transmission with diff-locks, the combination providing plenty of power for working in adverse conditions.
The holding tank is modified to take advantage of the space gained by removing the ring trace and to allow for easier loading when running alongside the harvester. New tank floor chains and sprockets and Hardox wear sheets can be fitted depending upon the customer’s wishes and requirements. When in work the unloading elevator can be lowered down to 2.5m for gentle handling when discharging onto the ground or raised up to 4m when topping up an established heap or emptying into a trailer. A full tank load is discharged in around 40 seconds. With all of the lifting components removed the chaser is surprisingly light, and despite water ballasting of the four front tyres to balance the machine and provide stability it still tips the scales at far less than a high-horsepower tractor and large trailed chaser. Running on six 800mm wide tyres the machine treads very lightly to minimise soil impact. It’s also surprisingly manoeuvrable for its size, with all six wheels steering and a 7.9m turning circle.
The first example in the country was snapped up by Nottinghamshire-based contractors J.P. Plowright & Son. The company run a pair of six-wheel Vervaet Beet Eater series harvesters, a 6-row 625 and 9-row 925, and the chaser was bought to complement the latter machine. It’s based on a 925 harvester featuring an extending front axle so that each of the six wheels runs in a separate track, spreading its weight exceptionally well over 4.5m, just like the unique harvester it works alongside. “It does exactly what it’s meant to do,” says Ed Plowright. “It travels much better than tractors and trailers, going where they won’t, and it rides well too. It leaves the field in better shape, and there are no ruts underneath the beet heap, which is especially important when making one for a Maus. Although this year’s conditions were part of the reason for purchasing it, it will definitely be useful in drier conditions too. Previously the only Vervaet chaser available was mounted on a Hydro Trike, which didn’t really appeal to us, and this machine complements our 925 harvester which has been performing very well. Earlier this year in drier conditions we lifted 103 acres in two fields in 16 hours, which was 3400 tonnes of beet.”
Q-Series demonstrations

February 2020

We currently have a Vervaet Q-616 harvester running as a dedicated demonstration machine. If you're interested in arranging a demo to see some of the excellent Q-Series features for yourself please contact Jeremy Riley on 07836 366289.
J Riley at LAMMA 2020

January 2020

The new Vervaet Hydro Trike 5x5 received its UK launch at LAMMA 2020 earlier this month. With drive to all five-wheels, including the extended mid-wheels, it minimises ground pressure whilst achieving maximum traction and output. The new Trike was joined on the J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd stand by an example of the latest Vervaet Q-616 beet harvester, and both machines received considerable interest from Lamma visitors.

“It was an extremely useful show,” comments Riley’s sales specialist Nathan Carter. “People really liked seeing the Hydro Trike 5x5, and our recently launched beet chaser was also a big talking point. It was great to put faces to names of those customers I’d not yet met in person, and also to reconnect with previous contacts.”

“We think Lamma is the place to be,” says managing director Jeremy Riley. “It’s the UK’s version of Agritechnica and Sima, and whilst it costs I think it’s worthwhile. It was a very good show and it’s now one of our most important events, along with our own biennial working demonstration which will be held again next year.”
The new Hydro Trike 5x5 at LAMMA 2020

December 2019

LAMMA 2020 will see the UK debut of the new Vervaet Hydro Trike 5x5 on the J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd stand. This new version of the popular Hydro Trike self-propelled slurry applicator and manure spreader features a driven mid-axle and a completely renewed powertrain.

The five-wheel concept has already more than proven itself, combining the excellent maneuverability of a single front wheel with the even ground pressure across the full 4.5m width provided by the additional mid-axle. With a self-contained 130hp hydraulic system driving the mid-axle, the machine’s abilities are extended even further especially when working undulating terrain and in arduous conditions. The mid-axle also gains a new stabilisation and suspension system for better operator comfort.

Earlier this year Vervaet launched the VSG drive system with two hydraulic motors to power the rear axle. Switching between field and transport range takes place automatically and on the move up to the Trike’s 40kph top speed. A new fully electronic traction control system replaces a manual setup, and the entire hydraulic system is quieter and more efficient.

Also showcased on the stand will be a Vervaet Q-616 sugar beet harvester. First introduced three years ago, the Q-Series machines have proven to be worthy replacements for the legendary Beet Eater 617. This year’s weather has so far shown that they’re equally as capable of dealing with arduous conditions as larger machines whilst also treading lightly. The latest version of the Q-616 boasts a 530hp DAF-Paccar engine as well as the usual features of rotating walking shares, extreme manoeuvrability and one-wheel per-track to minimise soil compaction. For more information please visit the J Riley Beet Harvesters (UK) Ltd stand at LAMMA 2020 (stand 12.644).