Hydro Trike US with Panien spreader body

The spreader

The Panien manure spreader body is built specifically for the Hydro Trike XL to Vervaet’s own requirements to create the Hydro Trike US - an extremely accurate, high-capacity self-propelled spreader with low ground pressure characteristics for minimal soil compaction. The body has a very generous 20 cubic metre capacity. The rear slurry door is useful when spreading semi-liquid materials and can be used to help adjust the application rate. All components are hydraulically driven from the Trike's auxiliary pumps.


Two heavy-duty floor traces are used. These are driven from both sides, and can be reversed to quickly and easily clear blockages. Two beaters are used to finely shred even the most straw-rich manure and two large-diameter discs evenly throw material to 24m. A border deflector is used when spreading headlands to ensure the full rate is applied right up to the edge in a controllable manner.


Accuracy is particularly impressive with the application rate controlled automatically by Vervaet’s own Tri-Control colour touch screen computer. The desired rate is set in the system along with the product density and the computer varies the speed of the floor chain in proportion to the machine’s forward speed to apply the correct amount. Where the density of the material is unknown it can be measured in-field using the body’s weigh cells by filling it level and weighing the known volume. GPS-steering systems can also be used for further levels of precision.

The Tri-Control screen also displays important machine and spreader data from engine rpm and hydraulic system pressure to slurry door position. It also supplies useful machine monitoring statistics such as fuel usage and work rate as well as customer or job specific data which is appreciated by contractors and farmers alike.


With an extremely high level of accuracy, combined with first class shredding, the spreader can deal with a huge variety of products of all densities and consistencies ranging from lime through to sewage cake and even the freshest straw-rich farmyard manure.

Brochure, demo and further details

Vervaet Hydro Trike brochure

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For more information please contact Matt Carse on 07825 631377.